Sunday, August 16, 2020

Can’t a have lockdown forever

 A great Lock down in World history is still going due to the Virus called Corona. In order to stop the spread of the virus and with no sight of any vaccine coming out soon, desperate governments did what they can do and ordered a lock down of their countries and in effect shut their economies in order to save lives. Despite losing hundreds of thousands of lives in the process of lock down, it seems that the world will have to live with it and so cautiously some countries where the virus is on the decline have started to open up their economies which is the prudent thing to do. By prudent I knew, we cannot have a lock down of whole economies for unknown amount of time as the vaccine is nowhere in sight despite the best efforts of scientists and the world cannot stop working due to this virus. We will have to live with and face whatever casualties we will have to incur. The best thing to do is to believe that there is a virus, unlike some conspiracy theories going around (separate topic).

Then the precautions to take it to keep a distance between person like you do when driving and also keep a mask on since you may not have it but the other person may get it since even healthy people are having this virus.

With the world coming to a standstill due to this lock down, the effect on economies and lives have been devastating. People who work on daily wages and who work in restaurants and other places with a high level of personalized services have been let go and unemployment has been increasing everywhere in the world. It has been devastating the lives of people who were already living on the edge financially and now with unemployment now way up, the psychological and mental pressures that these marginalized employees are having was too much to bear for the governments to bear. The governments have been trying to aid their unemployed citizens but they cannot do it for uncertain time in the future. So it is appropriate that the lock down is being lifted slowly and hopefully we will either develop immunity to the virus or just make it part of our lives and go on with our lives working and praying that we don’t see a spike in cases and deaths in the future.

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