Sunday, August 16, 2020

Be careful for what you say

With everybody being a photographer and the internet is within the reach, now or ever is a good time to say something that will offend some minority or any person who has been wrong before in their lives. Everything can be recorded and monitored and even if you have said something in your past years, it can haunt you and people will dig up any remotely racist or insensitive and they will flash that in front of the social media (meaning the whole world literally) and then your job, your business and sometimes even you and your family are threatened. Even if you think that you are safe but have posted something years ago when you were young and reckless and thought it would not surface up now, it seems you are in the wrong as many thoughtless moments when you posted that picture or said something insensitive about some race or people have come back to haunt people and they have to apologize for the insensitive remarks. For this unforgiving world, this is not enough and these people have been fired and drop from sponsorship.

It seems now the freedom of speech has gone out of the window and people have been forced to retract their statements under pressure but in their heart I don’t believe what they said will be erased and it is only the fear of being social outcast and being economically ruined is forcing them to walk back on their statements and saying that they have now been educated enough to see that their past behavior is now unacceptable. I feel it that way and as usual maybe I am wrong and truly those people are sorry for what they have said in their past.  Now I saying is that people are becoming intolerable about how others feels and they are forcing them to mold them in their worldview and their opinion so we are all becoming a little bit more careful of what we say. But again if you feel that you are right and the world is wrong then please keep it to yourselves as the world does not want to listen and they will really punish you for what you believe in. A whole new world indeed.

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