Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Jewel Crown of Hong Kong as I know it

 As Hong Kong spirals out of country and as the residents seem to be betrayed by the Chinese government of the promise of the 50 years Special Administrative Region in which there will be one country but with two systems of different government styles and economies. I don’t know why the Chinese government was in a hurry in destabilizing a place which had the most free economy and system in the world. I remember the time when my Father was posted there in the early 1970s, although I was very little, I still remember fondly the type of freewheeling world that was. I loved that place too much and still remember it but that was under the British supervision as compared to now. The British did create a Crown Jewel out of it and it was their biggest achievement for a small place. Law and order and hustling and bustling were there and so it was fun too.

I again went there in 1983 for a few days and was very happy to see that it was still thriving but to live there for a year or so and to visit for a few days is very different, still I was very happy to visit it again and I thought maybe I will come back again to visit. As I said before, everything was working perfectly with the fear of return to China in 1997 all but gone from memory and there was no beep even with almost 7000 k People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers came in to take border control. I am still try to make a sense out of who advised China to crack down and try to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs. It seems that if they had kept a low profile, they would have keep a lid on what was going in Hong Kong till the end of fifty year rule in 1947 and maybe even extended it or modified it at that time but some of the people in the Chinese Communist Party felt threatened and were anxious to show who is the boss in Hong Kong and put up a heavy hand on the protesters. They should realize that unlike China where the people have been docile enough for decades that they can keep a lid on protests that these heavy handedness could backfire in the case of Hong Kong since the people there are used to freedom not enjoyed by the Mainland Chinese. I hope better sense prevails on both sides. By the way, maybe this post can be blocked in China, but lets see.

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