Saturday, August 22, 2020

Private lives bared all

 You like millions of us are fascinated with watching celebrities chronicle their lives (sometimes too much) on social media. And it is not only the celebrities but ordinary folks with unusual circumstances and families are exposing their daily lives on Television and social media. And if this is not enough, some of the ordinary folks have dedicated videos channels where they have hundreds of thousands of followers following their every trivial detail of their lives (good or bad) and they are hooked on it and they keep update with the latest news about these instant celebrities. These so called Internet celebrities or Television celebrities make tons of money not only for themselves but also on the platform they host their lives. This has become a massive industry where some of celebrities constantly keep on updating their sites with new and updated status of what they are doing, buying and now their kids are joining them to and this updating is constantly having people clamor for more and more.

With everybody being a photograph thanks to smartphone and cheap access to internet, now anybody can create pictures and videos and upload it and make some money with the only condition being you have to expose your private life to public view. Sometimes the better known ones have also shown their vulnerable side and sometimes they face backlash for altering their pictures to show how good they look. Others have craved themselves niches where they go beyond the private life deep into things which are not viewed for public consumption but they make money by created a pay wall where you have to subscribe and see their most intimate details and also make money in the process. For many of them this is their only livelihood and they pay their bills with it and then some.

Television is another area where there is plethora of reality shows (many more or less scripted) that shows families with peculiar situation detailing their lives sometimes too much in front of the whole world. Although I am addicted to some shows but I don’t see the whole episodes just a little bit but I can figure out the story from these tid bits. Some shows are addicting and some shows are gross out not watchable unless you have a certain kind of weird fetish. But they are in all for the money and this is how they support themselves by exposing the most intimate parts of their lives which a normal and common human being would be very shy to do (at least I would not). But money makes many strange things happen.

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