Sunday, January 21, 2018

The prices

When decided that they would start free shipping for items shipped above $35.00, I was excited that I don’t have to pay the prime membership for Amazon® and still get my item in two days time. For a while it worked fine and I had decided to continue with it but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and in the case of, I was very upset that they have decided to charge for items that are ordered online more than what they would charge for people coming into their store. I can understand that they want more people to come into their store as they have huge overhead costs to maintain their stores, but Wal-Mart either forgot to understand or choose to ignore the fact that there are two different sets of people shopping on Wal-Mart. One set is the one who goes to their store every week or does shopping only in their store and there are the ones who occasionally venture into their stores but they do it out of necessity and not out of habit.
Internet shopping is all about convenience and with free shipping, some people may do their shopping on the internet out of convenience and if it cheaper than the store and also for the free shipping that Wal-Mart was providing. They are still providing it but for people like me who do their shopping on the internet, some of the prices are clearly very high as compared to going to their store. For example, they are increased the price of their household products who buy on their website as compared to going to their store. One of the paper products that they are selling on the internet has a whopping more than four dollars difference from their store. So the label of saying free shipping disappears as they are actually incorporating the shipping charges into the higher prices on their website. Why should I go to their store, fight off crowds of people, wait in the checking line, look for parking and save some money which will not be saved due to I driving to their store, spending money on the gas and do the above. It does not make sense to me to do shopping on their website when the point was to save some money and enjoy free shipping. For shoppers like me, they have lost one customer, which they will not miss as they are closing more than five dozen Sam’s club and are ready to send out pink slips in their corporate headquarters according to news report. I am really pissed off and would not do shopping on their website as their website prices are almost near to their nearest rival Target®. 
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