Sunday, January 21, 2018

The remark that does not want to die down

Recently it was reported by the media that in terms of discussion on broad immigration reform and to shield illegal immigrants from deportation, the President reportedly out of frustration lashed out and said the word “shithole countries” in describing some countries from Africa, Haiti and El Salvador and inquiring why we should not allow more immigrants from countries like Norway. Now I was not there in the meeting with him and I am just reporting what is being said in the media which has been vehemently denied by the President. I will not get into this discussion about whether he said it or not since it cannot be verified by me. If he said it than to give him a benefit of doubt, it may be out frustration but as denied by him, he did not say it so I will leave it at that and we should move on to more important matters.
The other remark is also not verified about allowing people from Norway to come to the U.S. Here I will say is that with immigration in that country, there are people who are of Muslim origin and also from Africa and I don’t believe that the those people want to come to the United States (U.S.) where there is no Universal health care and the benefits for the citizens less generous than the U.S. People from rich countries would not want to move to the U.S. so the only choice the U.S. have is to welcome people from the so called undesirable (will not use the word as reported in the press) countries as those are the people who are willing to sacrifice everything to come to the U.S. and besides those are the people we also need as not everyone can be entrepreneur and everybody contribute to the U.S. in one way or the other even if it not visible immediately or ever.
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