Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Hawaii missile scare

I have visited Hawaii three times up till now. The first time it was a short one day visit with my parents, the second time, I went with my family to Honolulu and the third time to Maui and the big Island. Although I don’t know how to swim (I know how to drown though) it is a beautiful place to visit and if it were up to me I would retire there too. It is expensive as everybody knows that but it is so tranquil and so diverse in nature that you can live there forever. So it was really distressing that an employee (who has now been reportedly reassigned) send out an incoming ballistic missile alert by mistake and got corrected reportedly 38 minutes later sending panic residents and tourists to seek shelter and started saying goodbyes to their loved ones. I don’t know how it would feel if you find out that your life will be finished in 38 minutes but it is scary as hell to find out like this unprepared.
The main point is why nobody in the State government bothered to check if the alert was correct or not. I believe it is gross negligence and a complete review should done to ascertain the weakness of the system and to make sure it does not happen, which they have already promised. Although I will sure vacation it there as it is still a beautiful and magical place to visit but now in addition to enjoying the vacation and in light of the tension between North Korea and the United States and with North Korea threatening to attack the United States and having Hawaii only 4600 miles from North Korea, a ballistic missile will take 30 minutes or so to reach Hawaii GOD FORBID and in one sense it is good to have this false drill but people intending to vacation here will have to be prepared in case something like this happens. 
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