Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Global gender discrimination

Gender discrimination, sexism are the common names for this global issue and dilemma. So, what is sexism? It's defined as a prejudice based on a person's gender. As the word elicits it should have been applied to both men and women, but in current world it is applicable only to women/girls. It emphasizes on the idea and stereotypes such as that one gender is superior to the other one.
Paramount effects of sexism may foster and give birth to sexual harassment, physical, verbal, domestic abuse and much worse rape. In short, it can give shape to many ill forms of sexual violence
There is a vast list of countries with rampant discrimination against sex. To put it in other words, life was, is and has been difficult for one gender i.e. women or as they say, Being woman is expensive. From infanticide to honor killing, acid attacks to child marriages, corporal punishment to sexual assault, from "satti" to "wanni", women all over the world have to pay the toll of being female.
Sexism is everywhere in all the walks of life, from education to general work place. Okay, starting from the educational department, the number of girls to boys in schools is always unequal. The situation becomes even worse when we reach at the level of universities and colleges. let me share a statistical report of my country from 2015,it reflects that women have literacy %age of 48.5 compared to men who are 69,5% more literate. Despite all this discriminatory attitude of sate women are working hard and achieving high in life just to prove the world and clich├ęd words wrong!!
Long gone are the ancient Egyptian civilization days when women were dependent on the patriarch of the family. How did this frame of mind came forth?, it  was only due to the ideology of adapting to one's norms and cultures. Stop conditioning your mind to cultures and also stop letting people brain feed you about everything. I read a tweet about a month ago, and i quote,"16+years of education, sleepless nights, depriving myself of food, losing weight, acquiring dark circles, All this trouble for proving a son of another woman wrong”. So this should be the level of determination of a woman when it comes to fighting for your own rights!
I am not advocating the fact that woman should do something alienating or something out of this world. A great man once said, “it is the basic need of a developing nation to give it's women equal rights, so that, they can exalt their nations”, The same should be followed today, tomorrow and in the coming future. I long to see women in power like men, being independent as much as possible.
Anyhow, moving towards the work place discrimination, women again are down trodden when it comes to wages and working late at night. Wages must be increased so that single mothers can safely provide for their families. Have you ever reckoned why woman are given the untidy roles of prostitutes maybe it's because of this attitude of the world (no offense i have deep respect for such humans too).
In the end i would like to highlight that  strong women are the torch bearers of a strong future, hence we should raise our voices to maximum for the liberation of women rights. We need more of Ahed tehmimis,arfa karims,muneeba mazaris,benazir bhuttos,grace kellys,jacqueline Kennedys and many others. Finally, always remember “justice comes to those who have the force to louden their voices"
                                                     "SAY NO TO GENDER INEQUITY"
                                                                                                                              Submitted by M.S.

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