Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The 9th Anniversary of My Father’s Death

How time flies, it is now my father’s 9th death anniversary and it just seem was yesterday. You can only miss your parents once they are not with you; otherwise you always take for granted that they will be there. But time flies so fast that before you know it they are not there for your happy and sad occasions and if you are married not there for your kids and their activities. I miss my dad immensely and although the pain of him not with me has lessened somewhat but it never go away. There is this emptiness that you feel in your life when a loved one with whom your love is so intense is no longer with you, especially if they are your parents foremost. That emptiness is never filled up because you only got to have one set of parents. I still have held on to his clothes and other memorabilia and hopefully as long as I am alive I will keep on writing my annual tribute to my dad on this death anniversary. May GOD bless him and he is enjoying his peace and tranquility in heaven. I love you dad always.

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