Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year-2018

I congratulate everybody for the New Year of 2018 as we finished yet another terrible year for millions of folks who for natural disasters. And I hope that his year is much better. I am planning to step up my blog writing and with your help increasing the blog posts to thousands of post each year. In this regard, I am encouraging everybody to send me your posts to and I will upload it to my blog crediting you with only your initials or if you like anonymously. I know that in some parts of the world, my blog may be inaccessible or you are unable to post your opinions due to censorship, so this can be perfect opportunity to send me your post via email to the email as mentioned above and I will upload it.
If I have enough donations I may even plan to improve upon it but for now, if you are unable to send me your posts, you can send my blog link to your friends and relatives so that they may be encouraged to write and send me their posts. I usually try to avoid obscene and politically motivated posts but it all depends upon how the post is written. I am a strong believer in freedom of speech and expression so any posts will be submitted without your name mentioned anywhere.

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