Sunday, June 4, 2017

The airline fiasco

I know I am late to this since I was busy looking for a job but I still had it in my mind to address this issue. Although the issue has been settled but the disturbing video, had it not been posted and gone viral, I would never had imagined that a person who has fully paid for a seat can be dragged out of the seat so that company employees can have a seat to fly at the last moment. If the person who was filming this episode did not film it, the world would not know the truth about how airlines bump their customers. I would have never known that the U.S. Federal law requires that the airline can pay the maximum $1,350.00 for each passenger being voluntary bumped out of their seat in addition to putting them in the next available flight. Now with all this drama, some of the airlines have increased the maximum they will pay is $10,000.00 I mean if you have been allotted a seat and you have paid for it, let the volunteer system takes its course and if nobody wants to give their seat incentivize them. In the above case, the maximum supposedly was offered $400.00 (not sure about it though). I have always read that customer is always right but in this case the might was right and the airline paid for it through its nose with bad publicity and a call by U.S. congress to do something about the victims’ rights (meaning the passenger). In this day and age when social media is all the rage and everybody has a ready camera to record your every move, the corporations will have to tread very carefully what you do with your customers can result in either loss or gain in goodwill.

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