Sunday, June 4, 2017

Still looking and searching-2

Sometimes I feel like that the people interviewing you like the one I had at the Japanese bank act like god that they have power over your livelihood and they are just throwing some crumbs at you and then they analyze you in fifteen minutes or so and think you are not a good candidate based on those fifteen minutes even while offering you a job which pays way less than what you were making before. And the questions that they ask is like man do some new innovative questions and don’t follow the script that you downloaded off the internet or just prepared by reading some books. And even after hiring you, the employers have three months in which they can give you probation and then decide if you are okay with your performance. As I don’t know what is happening in the interview field outside the banking industry but by the looks of what I have been going through in interviews, it is just a sorry state of affairs. Now another trend is to hire as a temp and then if they feel you are a good fit offer you a full time position. Note here that I am not mentioning the word permanent which I have come across a lot too lately. There is no such thing as permanent job as it is slowly being replaced by the word full time job with benefits. But still people are using the permanent word to describe a job with benefits. Anyway as I continue my search for a full time position I will update you with my progress. . Check out my new social media website See my blog a new website for details

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