Sunday, June 4, 2017

Still looking and searching

Since I got laid off at the end of January, I have been constantly looking for a full time job going on interviews mostly with recruiters and some employers. The search is still going on, even when I have reduced my salary demand 20 percent below what I have been earning before but still no luck. I have to tell you this interview that I went to a Japanese bank that was offering 16k less than what I was making before but I still went since I needed the health insurance. One of the persons interviewing me used to work under my father when he was in another bank so I was a little more confident. They went through their typed question which I believe they have taken off the internet. After testing me on some of the technical questions, I was surprised to hear these questions which were from thirty, forty years or maybe longer old. The first question was what are my strengths and weaknesses and why should we hire you. The second was why we should hire you and these two questions are so old that I was shocked to hear it again since it was very odd that the person was literally reading it from the typed questionnaire that he had in front of him. I tried to give him the best answer that I could and later on I was thinking that for the little amount of money they were offering, that was a lot of questions like I am interviewing for a top security job somewhere in the government.

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