Sunday, June 4, 2017

Another attack, another ISIS claim

It is nowadays hard to keep up with all the attacks going on around the world. I saw with horror, the Manchester attack on the Ariana Grande concert which is now being claimed by Islamic state (IS), the radical Islamic militant group. I was just analyzing this attack that two more attacks came in Baghdad where a bomb blew up near an ice cream parlor and another in another shop killing more than twenty four people. Of course IS had to claim the responsibility. After a few days there was a huge bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan in which 90 people have been killed. Although in this case, the Taliban, the usual suspects in such attacks denied responsibility but again IS comes riding saying that it is their work. While in Philippines, the military is battling IS for the control of a city where scores of people have died. And now while I am writing this, another attack in London has happened where in a van was slammed in a crowd and three militants starting stabbing people, at least eight people have been killed including the three militants and although no claim for responsibility have happened yet, I am sure, the IS will claim this one as well. I don’t know when the world is going to wake up that IS and its hate filled ideology is the main drive behind these attacks and the facilitators should be dealt with accordingly. I will continue to follow these attacks as they happen, so stay tuned. . Check out my new social media website See my blog a new website for details

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