Sunday, June 11, 2017

I don’t understand the surprises

Every time some policies are created or rolled back by the new President of the United States, people become very surprised. Even some of this supporter who have voted for him have been surprised by how much his new rules have or are going to affect them and the people who are not yet effected by them will be able to see it themselves later on. But one thing is consistent, most of what he had promised during his election campaign that he would do once he is in office, he is doing it more or less so I am not surprised at all. The surprise is that he is one of the rare politicians who is following through with his campaign pledges and promises and not backing out of it. So let’s start checking why I don’t understand the surprises people show when they say that the President would not or should not done it even if they voted for the policies. He initiated the now marginalized Muslim Ban-Check, he said he would pull out of the Paris Climate deal-check, he said he would tear up the Obama health care, which is going there-check, he said he will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem which he is now extended a six month waiver but still-check, he said he will tear up the Iran Nuclear deal, he is still working on it but again, check. He said that he will negotiate the North American free trade agreement and he has informed congress about his intentions- check. He said he will build a wall across the U.S.-Mexican wall and he has started to work on it-check.

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