Sunday, June 11, 2017

I don’t understand the surprises-2

The President said, he will make illegal immigration a top priority and his strict new rules are doing just that-check. Although he has said before that NATO is obsolete but he has backed out of that but still he has rattled the nerves of Europeans by demanding them to increase their defense spending- a slight check in there too. He also said that he will bomb the hell out of ISIS and he is just doing that only on a slower scale-check He has working on abolishing the net neutrality and also the some of the financial regulations that were enacted in the wake of the financial crisis. He also said that China is manipulating its currency to increase its export, although here he has backed out that stance because he needs their help in containing North Korea Nuclear program but he would have gone after theme too. So the major campaign pledges and promises that he said he would do once he becomes President, he has followed through or is following through so why the surprise on people faces, nobody forced them to vote for him and all his policies had been repeated throughout his campaign not once but recurring. So the voters knew whom to vote for, so the surprises are kind of a surprise to me. And it has not being even six months since the new President. So we, the people will have to endure the next four years facing what was already known by everybody but they choose to ignore thinking once the realities of the Presidency dawns on the new President, he will moderate his stand on certain issues. Good luck with that.

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