Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The current wave of racists attacks

Recently there have been waves of attacks on immigrants and non white people. Some people have been caught and some are still at large. Apart from attacks on Muslims and their mosques, there have been attacks on Indians who have been mistaken for Middle Eastern. The biggest attacks have been on Jewish cemeteries which have been vandalized and threats against Jewish Cultural centers and other Jewish educational institutions have been threatened with bomb hoaxes. These threats and attacks since the election of the new President and it may or may not be a direct consequence of his America First Policy. The failure of the President to effectively condemn and address these threats has also encouraged people to continue their attacks and threats sometimes with impunity. Right now the immigrant communities are living in fear due to this increase in violence against them. But the effect of these threats has also shown increasing cooperation among different religious and racial minorities and also support from white people who are equally appalled by these acts. Although racists attacks in the U.S. is nothing new and have been happening every year but the increasing trend in the first few months of this year is worrying. The harassment and attacks will not deter immigrants to leave the country or change their routine. Most of the people have left their countries to come to the U.S. by their own free will and sometimes by circumstances but there are many who have been born here and call this country their home and it is the only home they know with friends and families settled here and they are as much American as any other group with the same kind of activities and attitudes towards life. Also without these immigrants, the population of the U.S. alongwith several advanced countries will continue to decline. So all these threats and attacks should be condemned by everyone because the U.S. is the country of immigrants and all the attacks being done by people who believe it is their country should go back to books and read where they and their ancestors really come from before calling out people to go back to their country.

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