Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Assimilation of Immigrants

Most of the arguments against the immigrants have centered on their assimilation into the host countries culture and society. Although no amount of assimilation would be enough for the true natives who may feel that the immigrants would always be inferior to them and would not share the same history as theirs no matter what the immigrants do. This may include the color of their skin, the religion and culture they practice and other visible signs of differences. But here I am discussing that for more moderate natives, the immigrants have not be able to assimilate voluntary or by official discrimination on the state level who have grudgingly accepted the immigrants but have not made any effort to integrate or assimilate their immigrant population completely. But even the natives don’t know or about clueless of what assimilation means and even if they agree on some criteria, the immigrants would always be referred to by the country of birth first and then the question where you are actually from. Immigrants can still assimilate without losing their identity and they can enforce their identity on to the native born children but no matter what the immigrants would be still considered a minority but that is okay in the United States as most of the immigrants have assimilated in this culture but in Europe, either because of its historical hostility or uneasiness with immigrants or because of the official stance of some governments, the immigrants even the second and third generation have not yet assimilated into their host country’s society which I blame mostly on the governments and the natives who have not be so welcoming as in the United States and Canada and Australia. The immigrants I believe are here to stay especially the second generation and ignoring their needs and desires to assimilate will continue to create problems for host countries.

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