Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Return of Terror in Pakistan

After a relatively lull of a few months, terror came back to Pakistan with a vengeance including several suicide bombings in as many days. The war against terror was prematurely announced as a victory (remember the U.S. had the same). The biggest ones were the suicide bombing in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore where at least 11 people died including six policemen and the second one was at a shrine in South Pakistan where almost 90 (last count) people died and several dozens injured. This has led to the inevitable but belated respond by the Pakistani Security forces to launch a crackdown against all terrorists. Pakistan has accused Afghanistan of harboring terrorists on its soil and has launched counters attacks in Afghanistan to eliminate the terror havens there. The crackdown is ongoing with much of it being directed at Afghan nationals and refugees which have been blamed for numerous crimes before and are now being blamed for the suicide bombings. Another favorite target being blamed for suicide bombings is India. I don’t want to dwell much into this as without any evidence this is the usual place to start. Pakistan is said to have arrested the facilitators of the Lahore attack who said that the attack was planned in Afghanistan. After hosting the Afghans for almost 38 eight years, Pakistanis are having second thoughts about their Afghans guest who have been blamed for the rise of crime to terrorism (if this sounds familiar, it is). Due to a few black sheep whole generation of refugees are being blamed for crime and terrorism in which all people citizens and non citizens suffer.

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