Monday, March 6, 2017

Banning Valentine day

As everybody knows by now, Valentine’s Day is considered an International day of love and celebrated even in countries where there is no tradition of extending or expressing love. Lately another country Pakistan decided that expressing your love for someone is forbidden and one of the high courts’s declared a blanket ban all over the country. This is the third Islamic country to do so, before it was Iran and Saudi Arabia. The truth is that Valentine’s Day in Islamic countries is still associated with love for your girl friend. Nobody has mentioned to them that the love can be expressed to your loved ones including your mother, daughter, sister and all your extended loved ones. Although the emphasis is on the so called immoral activities being done on Valentine’s Day, it is not the fault of the holiday but the individuals indulging in those activities. But what is the exchanging of flowers and chocolates threaten the Islamic countries but it is okay to do honor killings and allow suicide killings instead. But you know even putting the ban on Valentine’s Day does not mean everybody is following that rule as activities are held privately all through the country with immunity. It is human nature that banning some activity in the name of whatever moral grounds makes it more attractive to indulge in it. If some people want to have some fun, let them have it and if some people decide to do otherwise, let them have it too. Pent-up frustration can lead people to involve in dangerous activities which are far more deadly than banning harmless activities on Valentine’s Day.

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