Friday, March 10, 2017

The changing conditions of immigration

Lately the condition of immigration to western advanced countries have been under a threat as refugees from war torn and poverty ridden countries try to reach the promised land in Europe and the United States and Canada and sometimes Australia. Many western countries have already begun to suffer a refugee fatigues and the parties who were already anti immigrants have been gaining votes and voters to stand up the immigrants mostly Muslim ones from far off countries. Germany which had generously open up its borders to all kind of refugees have started to see voters resentment against these immigrants and now have decided to speed up deportation to countries which are considered somewhat safe. The U.S., long a haven for all kind of immigrants have recently voted in a president who is anti immigrant (that is illegal) and the policies he is enacting will surely impact the immigration from central and south America. The walls to all kinds of immigration are being enacted in all western countries and even legal immigration is coming under scrutiny. It is now becoming increasing undesirable to coming to countries illegally and expects a welcome smile from the natives. Most of the illegal immigration in Europe has been Muslim which scares a lot of natives because they don’t want the nature of their countries to change to include people who don’t look like them. And in some countries the way these immigrants have been staying is bad that crime has gotten hold of in some areas leading to the blame game of immigration equating crime.

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