Friday, March 10, 2017

The changing conditions of immigration-2

Although the majority of the immigrants just want to provide a better life for their families but there are indeed some who want to inflict harm on their host countries and it is this bunch that is bringing a bad name to the general immigrant population. I can understand that when people are desperate and fleeing poverty and violence, it is human nature to help these kind of people but in the disguise of some refugees there have been many instances that criminal elements and those with killing agenda will slip by in an uncontrolled immigration and it is that instance that the world is trying to tightens its borders while at the same time trying to help innocents people fleeing dangerous situation in their home countries. And it is not just the Western world becoming wary of the large number of immigrants among their midst, even other countries like Pakistan have started to push back immigrants from Afghanistan. Although nobody can tell for certain what the future holds for these refugees/immigrants but by the trend that is being witnessed, it is with certainty that a welcome mat for those fleeing poverty/war is being taken away from them and fatigue has set in for natives who are tired of welcoming these refugees who are testing their patience of their hosts and also some among them are ruining the chances of other legitimate refugees to migrate to the relatively peaceful countries.

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