Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why can't the Europeans be like Germans?

Since this crisis started, one question I am constantly been bothered with is if German economy is highly competitive and growing strongly, how come the other countries don’t emulate what the Germans do. Why can't they work hard or follow the German Government policies in order to stimulate their economies and get them going and get them out of their decline. Why that Europe is in a crisis starting with Greece, Ireland, and Portugal and now Spain with Italy not far behind and Germany keeps on humming along like. Why can't the people adopt German way of doing things and see what happens since they have already tried their way and look what has happened to them. These questions should be asked by the citizens of these countries. If German is co-signing literally all the loans and is putting its credit worthiness on risk, the German people have the right to impose tough conditions on the recipient countries and if that means austerity then it should be since these countries have already enjoyed the party while it lasted and the hangover is not going to be easy. So the rest of Europe should start acting like the Germans or follow their instructions if they want its money and stop blaming other extraneous factors for their wows since Germany is growly despite all the European Crisis and the rest of Europe can too if it can only be like the Germans.

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