Monday, June 25, 2012

The increasing U.S. pressure on Pakistan-2

In the meanwhile the U.S. is increasing pressure by playing the India card with Pakistan and also increasing the drone attack ignoring whatever the parliament of Pakistan has said otherwise. Now most of the people in Pakistan are calling the U.S. an arrogant super power bullying a small nation. But it is easier to blame others than to see what is going on with you. Two of the four provinces in Pakistan are effectively insurgent hits and the laws of Pakistan are either not effective there or not enforced because of some strategic mumbo jumbo. You really have to clean your house first and then demand that sovereignty be respected. If you have people who have come from other countries just to train for terrorism then you have no right to ask other countries to stop interfering in theirs. Also since the flow of information is effectively blocked either by the Taliban or the Pakistan Army, there is no way to verify if indeed the terrorists/Taliban are killed in Drone attacks and how many civilians are killed. It is just independent guesswork that fuels the sentiments of Pakistani. Also since the civilian government is very weak or even nonexistent in those two provinces, all the decisions are being done by the Army or by the Taliban controlled areas. It is a completely messy situation out there and the U.S. is doing Pakistan a favor by cleaning the mess the Pakistanis have created themselves over the years. So a little soul searching is in order for Pakistan before demanding anything from the U.S.

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