Friday, June 22, 2012

Keeping up with the drones

It was expected that after President Obama becomes President the use of drone will be used less frequently than in the previous administration, but I guess he has become a convert to the successful strategy of using drones and avoiding boots on the ground. There has been more drone attacks in the Pakistan lately than it has been in the Bush administration, and the drone attacks have now been expanded to include Yemen. Now whatever the legality or legitimacy of the drone attacks, it is now being increasingly used to effectively eliminate threats to U.S. security and it is still less controversial than sending in tens of thousands of troops and spend billions of dollars and getting into messier situation than before. Although innocent lives are still lost in the almost precision hits and unconfirmed reports about if the casualties are innocent victims or hard core terrorists, it is true that it is much better than sending in ground troops and killing untold number of innocent civilians and then to occupy the country for years on and wasting billions in the process and you don’t achieve much. Drones can be really an attack on a country's sovereignty on to the extent that the country in question is taking care to eliminate terrorists from their territory and have effective control over their territory but if they have no control, then the question of sovereignty is no longer valid since you don’t effectively control that piece of land and your laws are not enforced there. So let us keep the drone work alive.

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