Monday, June 25, 2012

The backlash against public service benefits excess

Recently there was a recall election for the Wisconsin governor since the unions did not like what he was doing to their collective bargaining and other union stuff. But guess what he not only survived the recall but now the unions are have lost much they were standing for like middle class jobs, protecting their wage turf and pension and health benefits. I work in a financial institution and believe me that I don’t earn near as much as they do and I have an MBA. Now I don’t understand that why the unions keep on insisting middle class wages and other huge benefits like they are living in the past century. They still don’t get it that the world has changed considerably since they heydays and now they are not the only player in town and wages have become highly competitive since the global economy has changed. Now mostly it is about technology and other high tech growths and competition is fierce also the outsourcing of jobs does not bode very well for the unions. The Unions have to sit down and think about what they are asking or trying to preserve is it really feasible or practicable in this economy. Demanding higher salaries when the work can be outsourced or can be done rather cheaply is just tantamount to being oblivious to what's happening around the world. The union have be get out of their pigeon hold mentality and think creative ways to preserve jobs and benefits, otherwise even this so called middle class jobs would be hard to come by in the near future.

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