Thursday, June 21, 2012

Having surgery to improve your looks

I have been reading and hearing stories about how people are going under the knife in order to improve their looks (and chances) to get a job interview in our youth obsessed job market and I really don’t understand it. If the people have enough money (mostly in the thousands) to have cosmetic surgery in order to compete in the job market, that just shows that how desperate people are to look young and get that job. It is pretty disgusting that with all your credentials and degrees and experiences you cannot get a job and then you alter your appearance to get a job. That is just a sign of desperation and a sign of low self esteem that you have to look young in order to get a job. If you have the money to spend on surgery, you surely have to money to go out on your own and be your own boss. I am thankfully not in this situation and I am not sure I will go through this extreme makeover. Right now there are so many opportunities out there to strike on your own with minimal investment and hearing people not getting a job after searching for two years is completely unacceptable when you can use your skills to start on your own. I know that it is not easy to do that but sending out your resumes and not getting any response is more depressing and frustrating than doing something. .

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