Sunday, May 13, 2012

The temptations that human beings face

There are so many temptations human beings face every day of their lives that it becomes really hard to save yourselves from them or succumb to their lure. Take for example all the fancy goods that you see in stores, you may not have the money but you can still things of ways to get your hands on that kind of money or that products to make you feel happy. Another big one is gambling, people even times of recession (especially) flock to casinos or the state sponsored lottery tickets or anywhere they can wage legally to dream of winning big (even when they lose money all the while in the process). People on diet have a hard time resisting the temptation to eat fatty foods once in a while even while trying to stay away from them. Then there are children who come to a toy store and get so much excited that they don’t care about their temptations and just want to get hold of whatever they chose to like it. Then the lure of sex drives most of the temptations and you can in this case become a saint and completely oblivious to your surroundings or succumb to it in a big way or cheat a little by thinking you will not get caught. All of these my friends are traps and trials of the human beings to see if they have the will power to overcome all that is out there to lure you and the person who avoids them day in and day out is the bigger person in this game.

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