Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taken for granted

Nowadays everything is taken for granted and if not then we become very fuzzy and impatient. It was not always that way, but with the advent of technology and our behavior of instant gratification, we have lost sight of that and want everything right away or take it for granted that it will be that way. Electricity and water running 24/7, business running round the clock and other things have made us lazy and it is taken by surprise if it is not that way. It maybe because we live in an advanced country and does not have the experience or patience to deal with trivial items. We take our relationships and things for granted but try for once to appreciate the things when we don’t have them. Are we really that spoiled? It seems that way to many people who live outside advanced countries. We can never fathom how the people in developing countries live where nothing is taken for granted and even a small gesture of goodwill is appreciated far more than it is necessary. Water and Electricity are a scare resource and even what we called junk food is actually called food in those poor countries where people live on two dollars a day, where running water is a luxury along with electricity, and kids scour garbage dumps to collect food for their families. We must not lose sight of all things which we have that can be taken away in a instant and thus everything should be appreciated while you have it instead of taking them for granted all the time.

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