Sunday, May 13, 2012

The elected and the not elected

The people who are elected take practical steps to make sure that they don’t screw up their mandate and try to help people truthfully since they know the ground realities but the people who are not elected try to promise things which they know that would not be fulfilled once they enter once. They have the luxury to be as reckless and speak in terms of fantasies that only gullible people will vote for them. But sometimes people are so fed up with their current representative that even the worse opponent is looked upon as savior or good alternative to the current one. Just to get votes to get elected makes some potential candidates make outrageous promises which they themselves believe to be unable to fulfill or they just make them because they know that they would not be elected by make unrealistic claims. The reality is that once a candidate gets elected he or she face a stark reality because they have access to reports which they may never have before and then they have to deal with different unions and interest groups and every one of them have to deal with a different strategy in order to survive in office. In this case people are also naïve in not asking where is the blueprint of how they are going to fulfill their promises within the current revenue that they town, city, county, state and Federal government generate. The jobs creation slogan taking out arbitrary out of some magic hat has so many unpredictability that no human being can promise for sure that life will be wonderful and we will be back to the era of the 1950s when the U.S. was the only player in town. Now we have China, India, Brazil and other countries vying for the increasing share of a pie that is being taken away from the industrialized countries. Until we ask the potential candidates some hard hitting questions regarding how they are going to implement their promises, the votes would keep on going to go to waste and the candidates would continue to make outrageous promises which will never get fulfilled.

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