Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Elections in Europe

Although seems like an earthquake and shock to outside observers, it was to be expected that the election results in France and Greece were not so surprising after all. All this austerity and sacrifices were being called upon people who were not use to it and so it was no surprise that a backlash happened in the election not only in France but in Greece. It was as much as a rage against the current Euro supporters’ government as it was against Germany's call for austerity to fix the debt crisis. People in Greece and France are really fed up with all the cuts and austerity without seeing any improvements in their lives or in the fortunes of their country. The people in Greece saw their government keep on meeting the demands of the rich Europeans to cut budgets and rein in expenses in order to qualify for more aid and the Greek people were completely fed up and they voted with their feet to give a clear message to Europe regarding where they stand in this situation. The French had the same problem although they were not that desperate but they did not like what their President was doing in terms of budget cuts and too much favoring the European Union and not the French public. And the Former President in a desperate move to court votes went to solicit votes from the Far right and it was no use. Anyway now that the elections are finished what next for Europe? Even if they stop austerity measures, would they want to rack up more debt by borrowing more at even higher interest costs? Is the model of social welfare long a hall mark of Europe be scaled back to accommodate manageable debt? Many questions have arisen in the wake of the European elections, now we will see how it plays out further.

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