Sunday, May 13, 2012

The dream of overnight riches

Recently there was a frenzy regarding the lottery which hit more than half a billion dollars. Everybody was in line to buy a lottery ticket so that they may instantly become millionaires. This mad rush to overnight riches has destroyed the spirit of hard work that made this country great. I know that lottery helps in state budgets the money which they don’t have and which would not be there had it not been for the lottery, but dreaming of overnight riches drives people to buy not one or two but sometimes hundreds of dollars worth of tickets in the hopes of improving their odds of winning the money which they can use to spend on their necessities. It is seen that it is only the middle class and below play the lottery as frequently as possible. The odds of winning one is as much for a person play with a dollar than the one playing with hundreds of dollars. It is a game of chance. And the stories that you may have read regarding the previous winners is not a happy story with a happy ending. Moreover the more you play the more you get addicted to it in the hopes of winning big like in the casino you keep on play one more so that you may by chance hit bit. But what is the use of spending such big amounts every day or every week when you very well know that you don’t or cannot win. I guess it is the thrill and excitement of having the enormous amount of easy money in one go rather than toiling yourself till you die to earn a decent living that makes a person keep on buying lottery. (By the way I have not played lotto ever since I know that I will not win)

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