Sunday, May 13, 2012

The proud and the arrogant

You can be proud of your kid’s education and the achievements but then you should not be arrogant about it. You can brag about it but don’t take it to the point of arrogance. There is a very fine line between feeling proud of something and then being take it to the next level of arrogance. I have seen many people who are more arrogant and proud about what they have or what they have achieved or what they are. The trick is to remain humble and still be proud for being arrogant will not get you too far. Most but not all of the arrogance comes from people who are at the top of their careers and have done pretty damn well themselves as compared to the majority of the general public. But as they say money comes and goes and also everybody has to one die and go into the same ground as ordinary people. Maybe they can afford a nice funeral and burial but you know what the angel of death will not come with brand names and luxury items to take away your soul. When the soul is gone the rest remains is the body which decomposes very fast. And one more thing you can be arrogant and people will respect you out of envy or jealousy but the minute you are removed from your high horse or no longer in this world you are remembered by the way you acted and behaved and that is where the arrogant people are the biggest losers. So be proud up to a point and just keep it that way and don’t cross the border to arrogance because nobody likes one.

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