Saturday, September 17, 2011

The very small business

Everybody is talking about the small business nowadays. But the definition of the small business I believe is a little misleading any business with less than 500 employees is considered a small business. If it is in my case it would be like less than 50 employees not 500. Anyway, the talk of small business shed light on these people who hire more people than they previously have. But what about the businesses that have less than 10 people or even less than 5 people as their employees. Nobody talks about them since their hiring capacity is so low as not to affect the unemployment rate. Nowadays it is very hard for these very small businesses to raise money, expand their business and even hire people when there is so much uncertainty out their regarding demand, health care laws, taxes etc.

I believe that more attention should be given to these small businesses as they can really ramp up hiring of people if the right conditions are there to support their effort. Although the sole proprietorship are many in numbers but once their business outgrow beyond their capacity to manage it individually then they try to expand and then find out that they cannot due to financial constraints. Now more than ever, these small businesses should courted aggressively and given priority in loans and credit since they have more in stake for the success of their business than business having more than 50 or more people as employees.

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