Saturday, September 3, 2011

The storm that was the story

This past week northeast U.S. got hit by hurricane Irene with all the assorted winds and rains accompanying it. My house was luckily enough not much affected except I had water in the basement like 2 inches which had to be drained about. It took I and my wife almost six hours to drain the water out, because every time we thought the basement got dry, the water came coming back. This maybe because New Jersey got hit by unusual amount of rain this summer and the ground was saturated and the water had no where to go, so it kept on seeping in thru the walls. But thankfully there were no power outages so that we were able to clean the basement without being in the dark. But not all of the people were lucky; some had their basement flooded out and no power for several days.

Cleaning up is still going on and the rivers that dot New Jersey are still rising making one miserable summer for some people whose houses were completely taken over by swollen rivers. As I have pointed out before, that it is nice to live near the river with views of tranquil water flowing towards the sea but you just need to have one heavy rainfall to ruin your house and then you have to do evacuations and salvage your belongings. I don’t know how people do it some year in and year out but apart from the financial loses the emotional and physical toll it brings on people can only be felt by those affected by it. Anyway people are trying to get back to their normal lives after these devastating hurricanes.

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