Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And the Salaries remain sluggish

A few days ago, another price hit was given to us commuters who commute from New Jersey to New York, an increase in the transit and bridges toll. And this will not be end of it since they plan to increase every year for the next four years. They want it to be used for the World Trade Center constructions and also some for the maintenance of the roads, transit and bridges. My question is everything is going up except the salaries of the people who ride on these transit systems and roads. I know the economy is tough and I am thankful that I have a job, but the cost of living keeps on increasing without any corresponding increase in salaries or at least some other supplemental income to help with these costs.

While keeping these modes of transportation should be the utmost priority but what about the people who will have to pay for these costs. It is becoming increasingly expensive to live now in the Northeast of the U.S. as the costs of going to the city keeps on increasing. And then the politicians and economists keep on saying that our economy is sluggish and people are not spending enough money to spur the economy. Well if you keep on increasing the costs of reaching your work to earn a living, how will people spend somewhere else when there is so much uncertainty out there? It is nice to lament the lack luster economy but practical solutions to jump start it is hard to come by except increase the cost of living while leaving people to deal with the ever decreasing value of the dollar.

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