Saturday, September 3, 2011

The irritating, turnoffs, annoyances and the obnoxious Behavior-2

I am sure everybody has their turnoffs behaviors too. For example, if you are snoring and the other person does not or is trying to go to sleep then it becomes a little bit more than annoying, it becomes obnoxious and inconsiderate behavior. I know that sometimes people cannot control their snores but what fault is of the other person who has to suffer such agony. Another one is when you are in a public place and people after doing their stuff in the restroom don’t wash their hands and just leave. It is clearly unhygienic and inconsiderate on the part of that person. Oh, the best one is when a person is flipping pages and every time he (or she) moist their finger to flip a page. It is highly annoying and irritating behavior.
I don’t know about you but another one is the law where you have to clean after your dog. It is a highly gross out behavior, picking the crap of your dog by your hand. Most of the people due this diligently and have an ingrained habit built into them, but it becomes really gross when the snow falls and the dogs do their stuff and some people cover it up with snow. So when the snow melts then you see the crap all over your place. I can just keep on going about all the annoying behavior that people indulge in that makes me stay away from those people if I have a choice but sometimes you don’t and you have to share this world with time. I wish people can realize what they are doing and avoid embarrassing themselves and other people.

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