Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extreme jobs situations

I have been reading an interesting article (aren’t they all are) regarding how this economy has made ordinary folks go to extreme lengths to find jobs or earn money. There was one father who had to go to Iraq to fire fighting. And then there was another person who goes out at night to scavenge food with his son in the garbage pile of restaurants. And the most extreme one is about a lawyer who lost her job and had to go topless in order to pay the bills. I am just discussing this to show that these are unusual times and unusual times call for unusual ways to earn money and support your family. These are only people who have decided to come forward and tell their stories, there may be more even hundreds of thousands who are living this kind of life style and trying to put food on the table in unusual ways.

In other ways there are situations where people have to go to work in other states or even have to commute hours to reach their work. Unless you are in their shoes, you would not know how hard it is for them to do this. It is a failure of our government that the jobs are disappearing and there is no credible policy to arrest this decline. We are constantly buying stuff on credit and spending billions on the military while the people of this country are trying to find whatever ways they can to keep their head above water. It is really a shame and you can read it all over the internet the struggles people are enduring every day just to survive in this unforgiving economy.

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