Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Death is not easy

We always see or read or know somebody who have died and don’t know how it feels to die. Because of course unless somebody experiences death or death like experience, other people would just see the end result that is the death. I have experiences two near death experiences and believe me folks it is no laughing matter. Both times I almost drowned in water. One was in a lake and once in a pool. But the most vivid one I remember is the lake one. When I was drowning and trying to escape death and my friend was trying to save me, I was struggling to get out of the clutches of death. I just felt somebody sucking the life out of my body, inch by inch, piece by piece. It was not a good feeling because it really takes some extraordinary strength to take a soul from somebody.

There is also no such thing as white light that is depicted in countless movies and books. You just see darkness around you and the only thing you have in your mind (if it is working ) is how to survive because if it is not your time to go, then you will succeed and if it is your time then no power or circumstances can prevent that from happening. So next you see somebody in a dying state, just try to think that for you it may be just another some painful event, but for the person enduring that death, it is the end of life.

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