Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unexpected upset in Massachusetts

So a little known Republican candidate has been elected to the seat held by a Democratic senator for the last almost 40 years. It was the most upset win since Massachusetts is a heavily Democrat state just like New York and they have decided to elect a very conservative Republican. What does it say about the President? I mean the analysts are reading too much into it. It is not that the voters have suddenly turned Republican or they had the Democrats. It is just that they wanted to send a message to Washington that nobody is safe if you keep on ignoring people anger.

Although the Democrats seem to have lost the filibuster supermajority that they had counted on to reform the Health care. Not all is lost. If they sense the people anger, they should start reading what people are thinking because it will soon be the Midterm election season. Even if the people don’t like the Republican, they will elect them just so they can show their anger at the incumbent party if things don’t change fast enough in Washington. Like the Healthcare, and the Wall Street bailouts and the high unemployment. You can all blame the last administration for it but after a while it become tiresome and people start to feel like you don’t know how to get a grip on the situation. Some time later it will be your economy and your mess (even if you have not created it).

So my advice to the wise (the democrats) is to get their house in order and don’t shove the agenda of the President without a healthy debate with both pros and cons analyzed and with bipartisan backing even if it takes a little bit longer.

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