Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google vs. China

Google has finally threatened to leave the lucrative Chinese market due to hacking and also increasing censoring. Google has been self censoring for the last few years but after it’s Gmail of some prominent human rights activists were hacked (apparently by the Chinese based hackers) Google had it enough. In this fight between two giants let’s see who blinks first.

Although the U.S. Government has said that it sides with Google in this matter and Google is also getting lots of goodwill, but the Chinese are shrewd and some kind of compromise will come to quiet this high stakes (and higher ego) game.

Google may win some sympathy and lots of support but will it translate to more money that is the real question. No body wants to loose the biggest internet market in the world and even if Google leaves, its rivals are already trying to start carving the market it is supposedly threatening to leave.

In the coming weeks we will see how this game is played out. Stay tuned.

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