Sunday, January 24, 2010

Learning Languages

There was news that since long the languages classes are getting shorter or being eliminated. Most of the languages like the Italian, French, and German are being eliminated in favor of Spanish and the newest sensation Chinese (the mandarin dialect). It has been due to the fact the Chinese are subsidizing the Chinese language in the United States and it is also the realistic desire of some parents that China will be huge economic power (which it is already is) in the future and they want their offspring to have a head start to learn this important emerging language.

Well it is no doubt that in the future the Chinese language will be spoken and understood widely but the western audience, learning the Chinese language is not as easy as learning like the Italian, Spanish, French or German since the writing and the spoken Chinese can be very difficult to learn. It is also one of the hardest languages out there. But nevertheless daring people are looking to learn this language and also since the Children from the infancy can easily absorb one or more languages early on than adult, it is important that they should be taught one more language beside the mother tongue.

Although as you get older, it is harder to learn other language since you have more distraction to do other things but there is no age limit to learn another language. Although you will never has the same accent as the native speaker if you start learning in your adulthood but you will still be able to get by if you learn it.

Furthermore people of other languages appreciate if you can make an effort to learn their language and it can create harmony and learn other fascinating cultures. Besides nowadays with the internet and other devices at your disposal it is the most appropriate time and easier to learn another language right at your home with audio and visual devices at your computer and internet websites where you can learn or just be able to get by in several popular and not so popular languages.

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