Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CIA casualties in Afghanistan.

Few days ago the CIA got hit by a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. Seven people died which made it the worst casualties since the Beirut bombing in the early eighties. It is sad but it is part of their job. You will find double crossers and triple crosses and double and triple agents. In the Afghanistan case, the guy who committed the suicide bombing was a double agent employed both by the CIA and the Taliban but his loyalties were eventually with the Taliban.

When you are in the line of intelligence work, you have to bear these kinds of risk. The sad part is that nobody knows your name and it is not mentioned in the newspapers and everything is hushed up. It is very hard to know who is who on which side in the wild world of espionage and especially when you are in the war zone where loyalties continues to shift but you still have to rely on local folks to give them the raw hands on intelligence that you need to keep track of the bad guys. Sometimes the intelligence succeeds and sometimes they end up losing the lives. Well these courageous spies know that is how the life is going to be and they choose to be in their field of choice. But anyway It is sad but it will not stop the intelligence gathering.

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