Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Feet Politicians.

In the last few days, a few of the incumbent politicians have announced that they would not be running for office in the next elections. In them are few democrats. What is really going on here is that they are getting cold feet as voters backlash have started to come to bite. The high unemployment rate and the ongoing war coupled with record deficit, out of control stimulus spending, Wall Street bailouts and the one sided Health Care Bill have soured the mood of the voters against the Politicians particularly the Democrats.

But the Republicans should not be having a party right now, since for the last eight years they did screw up a lot in terms of the War on Terrorism and the increasing deficit. They are not entirely blame free. The Republicans will have to reinvent themselves and show their moderations for various agendas. They should not cater on to their conservative base but they should broaden it to include moderates who tend to be the majority of the population whether they believe it or not.

If the Democrats lose their majority or retain a slim majority in the next mid terms elections, then the President will be in scrambling to achieve his ambitious agenda for the next two years. So it is time that all the Politicians behave like they do care about the voters and not about what they should be opposing for opposition sake.

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