Thursday, January 28, 2010

The French Disconnection:

The French has done it again. First they banned the head scarves that women wear in all elementary and secondary schools and not this. They have partially ban the burqa (the long all encompassing dress where you don’t see any part of the body). They it is not French tradition to have it. What is a French tradition, they profess to be secular government but they celebrate all Christian holidays. They will also refuse to give permanent resident or citizenship to the burqa women.

You know they believe that it restricts women’s movement. Well do they want women to go without clothes then? If it is their choice then let them wear whatever they want. It is a wrong assumption that all these burqas are being worn under the pressure of their men. Some women do want to wear it, but they are a very tiny minority. Muslims in France and in Europe generally are marginalized anyway and this ban would not help their cause. Although it can be generally assumed that these women can be a threat to the so called French Identity but even if the Burqas are banned because it is part of fundamentalist and extremist Islamic ideologies, how can we be sure that banning it would make an extremist person moderate.

There is no face of terror, burqa or no burqa, we have seen that the terrorists are pretty savvy in adopting to changing threats to their extremist agenda. Will this ban make the burqa clad woman more French or they (or their men folk) view it as a threat to their religion, only time will tell.

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