Sunday, March 25, 2018

Some People don’t know how to shut up

I don’t know if the topic of this post will offend some of you but it is the reality that there are some people who would like to be included in the exclusive club of people who just won’t shut up even if they know that what they are saying will get into trouble. Even as I write I am sure, some people will mouth off and then when the backlash happens, will come out with tears or say that there words have been taken out of context (whatever that means) or they did not mean to say that or they have reflected on what they have said and they feel sorry if their hurts have offended some to the people or some sentences like that meant to soften the blow to their reputation or reduce the backlash they are encountering online or to protect their current jobs. Even with all the things going on, there will be some people who will curse or should ethnic or racial slurs and then come back the next day saying things that I wrote in this post.
I acknowledge that some people have had bad days ( I do too)  which means that they are encountering some of the frustrations of life which are not under their control or they feel they want to vent out loud so that people can hear them and some do under the influence of  alcohol or drugs (where it is still not okay but for this they have an excuse) but in such cases, why can’t they just shut up and don’t open their mouth and let their steam out in some silent mode or just step back and don’t react. I mean that words can hurt very much and once spoken can’t be taken back even when you apologize or try to clarify your remarks or whatever excuse you want to give for your sudden burst of ignorance (that is what I can call right now). Because your words can cause not only hurt and damage to other people feelings but also hurt your reputation and your loved ones. So my advice is to think before your speak since it does not take much time before you do and if you can’t please don’t show your ignorance and just shut up because people don’t want to hear about your problems and your rants as there will be consequences.

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