Sunday, March 18, 2018

Safety and Security at Schools

Since the Florida shooting there has been increasing emphasis on school safety with the major proposals being arming teachers and to a lesser extent put metal detectors. And with the heighted attention comes increasing threats from so called students on the social media to attack the schools. Thankfully every time a threat of such kind was posted on the social media, somebody alerted the authorities and the threat defused and the people who made the threats arrested or searched to make sure that the threat was not credible. It is good that everybody is now alert to these kind of threats in order to make everybody secure. The President has suggested that even if some teachers were armed, the kid would not have killed so many of his former fellow students and he is all in for arming some percentage of teachers in schools. I don’t know how effective will that be and how it supposed to work. Will the firearms be locked safely away from the eyes of students which in the case of another attack (GOD forbid) will be then useless?
I am not so thrilled about teachers packing heat in class in full view of the students or even hidden somewhere under his/her clothes. Teachers are there to teach not to fight crazy would be killers. But I have read that some states do arm their teachers. Anyway arming the teachers would not help that much as compared to installing metal detectors and hiring off duty or retired cops to police the schools. They should be armed in case of any eventuality. Besides this raising the age to 21 are proposed is not going to do that much good (but it is a start) since people are still getting guns without much background checks. I will come to the top of Guns in the posts in the future.

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