Sunday, March 25, 2018

Is Israel helping Egypt in combating Islamic militants?

An American Influential newspaper reported a few weeks ago that Israel has been helping the Egyptian military in its fight against Islamic militancy in the Sinai region. The report said that that Israelis go to extreme lengths to erase any symbol of Jewish state on its plane and drones that bomb the Islamic militants and the Egyptian Government takes pain to hide this help from its people. It was also reported that Israelis are happy to oblige as they feel the Egyptian Military is becoming dependent on them for this fight. And I have not seen any denial of this news report as if it does not exist or it is not worth issuing a denial about. But anyway based on the report if it is untrue then I just read a conspiracy theory which would not have prompted me to write this post. But if it is the truth which nobody wants to know about then it is really troublesome and sad.
I will explain, it is said that Egypt being the most populous Arab country has the supposedly most powerful military but with the above mentioned news, it seems that this is just a bit of propaganda that had been circulating around for if the Egyptian military cannot handle a bunch of militants in their own backyard, how and for what use is the military when it will come to the main task of fighting overseas if ever or supposedly fight their enemy(which is non-officially Israel and also officially Iran-an easy Muslim target). It is a sad state of affairs for the Muslims that they are only good in fighting among themselves and depend on others even for their security while maintaining huge militaries.

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