Sunday, March 18, 2018

Do people censor themselves?

What kind of stupid question am I asking, if you say that they don’t do then you need to think deeper for times that you wanted to say something but held back your thoughts spilling out of your mouth in order not to offend your boss, your spouse, relatives, colleagues, friends, authorities and even when you writing you have to make sure not to offend your core audience or not to write something which is deemed offensive by authorities in various countries around the world. Even when you feel safe in saying something, you don’t want to say it in case it offends someone later on. This becomes a reality when you are investigating some criminal act where the perpetrators don’t want you to go in deep enough to find the real criminals, be it the state sponsored agencies or criminal enterprises. Especially it is really dangerous in the developing countries where the level of corruption is high and the governments want to hide their wrong deeds.
Even I residing in the United States and writing on my blog try to censor myself and don’t write things which may cause me trouble when I travel overseas to certain countries or harm some people inadvertently. Although I hate to do this but self censorship is a reality for me and for millions of other bloggers who have to tread a fine line between what is reportable and what should not be mentioned in the greater good of their fellow human beings. This is the sad reality of which we are all part of.

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