Sunday, December 10, 2017

The puzzle of illegal immigration

I have been reading news about how people who have been here illegally for the last two or three decades and have been the so called model citizen are being arrested and deported back to their home countries and some Americans have been protesting this because the illegal have not done anything wrong or have not even any traffic offenses and they did not commit any crime. This false sense of hope was given to them courtesy of the Obama Administration in which law enforcement was instructed to go after illegal immigrants who have committed a crime and have ignored deportation orders. But the decades old residents also have several appeals pending in the immigration courts and they ignored them as I previously said they felt secure that they if they work hard and don’t break the rules, they will not be deported. I can understand that some of the people are upset about some outstanding people who have married and raised their families and build their lives are being deported.
My puzzlement comes to the fact that people who have been here illegally for thirty years what were the waiting for to get their legal status and it was far easier when they came here. I don’t know people’s situation but it is really a big mystery for me that they married here, had kids, establish businesses but did not bother to become legal citizens when they could have during the previous times. Sympathy aside, all the rallies in support of these long time illegal residents fails to ask this simple question, why you did not bother to regularize your stay here and become legal citizens when you had more than twenty years (on average) to do it?
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